A young man who is anything but typical, Mr. Nanna is passionately involved with politics. His strong leadership skills are put to use as Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Mr. Nanna is a staunch supporter of the idea that government exists by the permission of the people, and is firmly opposed to government overreach.

He describes himself as a “Jeffersonian Republican”. His organization of the Central Ohio Region of the Gary Johnson campaign, spearheading of the Libertarian Party of Ohio petition drive, and tireless person-to-person campaigning, exemplify his administration capabilities.

In 2017 Dustin finished just one place out of securing a seat on Delaware City Council with 14% of the vote in a competitive 5-way race. His campaign sparked new discussions and brought forth new solutions that are being implemented or considered by the City today. Mr. Nanna now sits on the Steering Committee for Delaware.

In his personal life Mr. Nanna works at Reflektions LTD with the developmentally disabled as a Homemaker/Personal Care Professional. When asked about his profession, Dustin states:

“It’s very rewarding. It’s the most psychologically and emotionally fulfilling job I’ve ever had. I think it’s just natural to want to help people.”